7 Tips Using How To Do A Yoga Class On Zoom For Best Tricks

7 Tips Using How To Do A Yoga Class On Zoom For Best Tricks

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Step 1: take a trip to Bali and partake in a massage with a side trip to a meditation center

How To Do A Yoga Class On Zoom

How To Do A Yoga Class On Zoom:-On a recent trip to Bali, I had the pleasure of having a massage at the Royal Spa. My first massage in years and my first in Asia. It was a blissful time, my mind became relaxed, my body became limber, my body and mind reached for the blissful at the moment.

Do you ever have the opportunity to take a yoga class in a place like Bali, How to do yoga class on zoom while you do your touristy stuff? Do you wish you could do yoga every day in yoga classes and yoga spaces where you could focus on yourself, your breathing, and the beauty of the surroundings, without having to transport yourself away from your comfort zone?

Enter Yoga On Zoom.

Yoga On Zoom is a year-round yoga retreat in Bali. Their yoga classes are specifically designed for a couple to do together or by themselves (at least one person). I did yoga on my honeymoon and did a yoga class with my mum on my sister's wedding day. 

This yoga retreat gives the beginner (not the seasoned yogi) the opportunity to learn yoga while relaxing in luxurious villas. As the name says you zoom on the yoga.

How Yoga On Zoom Works

Like most yoga retreats, Yoga On Zoom holds two different days each week with different styles of yoga. The first yoga class is called to practice, the second is the actual yoga class.

They offer 4-hour yoga sessions (sometimes yoga, sometimes meditation), with a mid-day break, 2-hour yoga classes, mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks, and 2-hour yoga classes that last around 45 minutes.

The classes start every day at 8am, 9am, 10am,  11am, 1pm,  2pm,  3pm, 3pm. At 11am the first yoga class starts and at 2pm the second yoga class starts.

Yoga On Zoom offers 2-hour yoga classes for people who want to practice yoga without having to jump into it with the yoga frenzy that happens in the middle of the yoga classes. They do not necessarily offer yoga for a specific skill level (i.g. intermediate), rather offering a wide variety of classes for all levels.

Also, like most yoga retreats they offer different classes with different teachers. The teachers take it upon themselves to adjust the classes to be challenging.

I have done classes that were followed by hours of meditation. I have also done yoga classes that lasted longer than an hour. Yoga On Zoom has yoga classes for every level, you can experience yoga in the quiet of your villa, at a lounge area, at a restaurant, or at the pool.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost is around $120-160 per person for each yoga class. Most classes are for 2 people and are led by yoga instructors and teachers. There is no yoga in the spa pools.

The four hours of yoga, meditation, and the mid-day break are all for one price. You do not have to choose a class with a particular teacher. You can choose a yoga class, a meditation class, or follow what you like most.

A few classes are limited in number and you have to reserve your place a couple of days in advance. There are no refunds. I found this to be a good thing because the classes end before you even have a chance to get your money back.

What About Yoga Gear?

To me, yoga clothes are the least important thing about yoga clothes. There is no yoga attire in Yoga On Zoom. The yoga teachers do not follow any yoga attire standards. The clothes do not fit the bodies.

I have been wearing yoga shorts for years, yet my yoga teacher commented on how good my shorts look.

I do not have to do yoga in yoga wear or in yoga gear. The yoga teachers are skilled at teaching yoga in yoga wear or yoga clothes that fit well. This is because the yoga teachers have been to yoga classes that were taught in yoga attire, so they know what works for people.

Do You Have Any Yoga Experience?

If yoga has been a part of your life, you have probably practiced yoga in some form or another. Or perhaps you have been trying to learn yoga for years.

To help you to become a better yoga teacher or improve your yoga practice, you can sign up for a 6-week yoga teacher training.

Yoga On Zoom offers 6-week yoga teacher training for beginners, intermediate and advanced. They offer personal yoga instruction and also teach yoga asanas (exercise poses).

For more information on what yoga teachers teach at Yoga On Zoom, or if you want to find a good teacher, see this post.

What About Yoga Classes & Yoga Asanas?

You do not need to take a yoga class at Yoga On Zoom. They offer a variety of yoga asanas classes including yoga to connect, yoga flow, yoga zooming, yoga yoga for healing, yoga with water, yoga for beginners, and yoga meditation.

For people who want to practice yoga more actively, they can take yoga classes that include yoga with ski and surf. You can do yoga and also do surfing and skiing at the same time.

There are no formal yoga classes offered at Yoga On Zoom, but rather yoga classes follow the everyday schedule of yoga. Yoga instruction takes place at a different location every day.

There is no specific yoga lesson or time at Yoga On Zoom. You can follow your daily schedule or follow the daily yoga class schedule, but you do not have to do yoga in a specific way.

Finally, it is not suggested to follow the daily schedule because there is no class at 11 a.m.

How Does Yoga On Zoom Work?

I have been staying at Yoga On Zoom since October 2013 and it is still the best way for me to practice yoga. The teachers follow the daily schedule of yoga. They walk with the guests to the yoga classes or to the yoga classroom or wherever the yoga teachers take their classes.

The teachers then leave and walk to the next class. The yoga classes happen at different locations every day. Sometimes the yoga classes are held at a restaurant. Sometimes they are at a restaurant in the mountains. Other times they are at a cabin in the mountains.

For those who want to stay for two weeks or more, there is no fixed schedule for yoga or yoga instruction. You can follow your daily schedule or follow the daily yoga class schedule.

You do not have to follow the daily schedule because you do not have a time slot for the classes or instruction. You just come to Yoga On Zoom for the day to do yoga or for a yoga class and you can stay as long as you want.

I have stayed on the weekends when they are offering special vacation packages for adults, as well as days that are a two-day special.

My advice to new yoga students and yogis who have never practiced yoga in any way is to go to Yoga On Zoom. You can stay in a lovely cabin, or you can stay at a cabin with a guest house.

To learn more about how Yoga On Zoom works, read this post.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you stay at Yoga On Zoom?

Mandy Landau is a yoga instructor and yoga teacher. She helps people to become yoga teachers or yoga students. Mandy has her own personal yoga website.

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